About Us

Welcome to
Minhaj Learning & Research Centre

Minhaj Learning & Research Centre (MLRC) an initiative by the Minhaj Interfatih Welfare Foundation (MIWF) conceived and guided by the world-renowned Islamic scholar, Sheikh ul-Islam Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri is the first of its kind well-established Islamic educational institution based in India. The Centre provides both online and on-site educational programmes, courses and comprehensive studies in following courses:

  • Elementary to Higher Islamic Studies
  • Quranic Sciences
  • Hadith Sciences
  • Arabic, Urdu & Other Languages
  • Interfaith Studies & Human Rights
  • Islam & Modern Science
  • Ethics & Spirituality (Tasawwuf)
  • Legal Awareness
  • Islamic Finance
  • Personality Development & Leadership Skills

Our Vision

The MLRC seeks to bring out a beautiful combination of Taleem (Education) with Tarbiyat (Ethics) in full synergy withAkhlaaqiyat (Spirituality). Thus, the MLRC aspires to fill the void in educational system and curriculum of both modern and traditional schools and colleges. Children, teenagers, adults as well as youths and elders of the community must be provided robust opportunities to make use of their spiritual intelligence through the value-based educational courses.


In light of the 21st century’s scientific and technological advancements, the ethical development, spiritual growth, moralupgradation and religious training of the society have to go hand in hand. This will help in the process of nation-building, promoting good citizenship among children and youth with the powerful aid of ‘Spiritual Literacy’.