Department of Islamic Arts & Architecture


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Department of Islamic Arts & Architecture

  • This department at MLRC is primarily aims to help the students learn about the magnificent cultural and architectural heritage of Islam which encompasses major Islamic inventions in Art and Architecture. From moulding to crafting, from black and white to the new era of colours, every single empire and dynasty holds a special style of Art and Architecture.
  • The department seeks to expose students to the rich knowledge of beautiful crafts, calligraphy, rich cultural heritage and diversity of Islamic Architecture. It showcases how Islam richly contributed to the promotion of world Arts, Architecture and Aesthetics.
  • It strives to instil in the students a sense of pride about the beauty of Islam as a religion through the visuals of Art and Architecture which led to the emergence of Islam as a vibrant and culture-friendly faith tradition that later grew in different parts of the world.
  • It provides interesting stories with vibrant and exquisite classes with the help of pictures, quizzes, worksheets, PowerPoint and videos, taking the students in a virtual online tour from the present to the past.
  • Islamic civilization has been evolving progressively and beautifully for centuries and so is the Islamic Architecture. It enables students to distinguish Islamic Architecture from other kinds of Architecture so that students may develop their artistic interest in Islamic civilisation.
  • The department inspires to grow creative thought leaders from among the students to take part in the promotion of Arts and Architecture with their skills and ideas borrowed from the Islamic Cultural Heritage in the contemporary idiom.