Department of Personality Development & Leadership Skills


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Department of Personality Development & Leadership Skills

The Department of Personality Development & Leadership Skills emphasises the concept of inclusive development of human personality through the transformation of factual and beneficial knowledge of Islam into action, i.e., a personality should be created through active learning. This is among the reasons why Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) initial revelation was primarily focused on knowledge, which needs to be translated into action. This department at MLRC is precisely aimed at achieving the same.

This department provides an inclusive personality development through knowledge-based action imbibing the Noble Prophetic personality traits (Akhlaq-e-Hasnah). It focuses on personal development skills of the children and their traits and qualities in order to help them achieve their goals, advance in their career, improve the strengths and talents, better themselves and find fulfilment in their life.

The department seeks to imbibe the best personality traits in the character of students, deriving inspiration from Akhlaq-e-Hasnah (Noble Character) of Holy Prophet (PBUH) such as—Amanat (Trustworthiness) and Sadaqat (Truthfulness) and his sociable, humanitarian and egalitarian values, as well embedded in the Sunnah (Prophetic Sayings and Actions).

  • The Department motivates the students to aspire for both a sound mind and a strong body, as a sound body is the seat of a sound mind, and a genuine character, which transforms them into well-mannered and fairly well-educated personas, as the holy Prophet PBUH has reportedly said, “The strong believer is more beloved to Allah than the weak believer”. (Sahih Muslim).
  • The department also endeavours to enhance the skills of the students towards forming excellent leadership qualities that will help them nurture themselves both in faith and career towards a greater goal.
  • The students will progress on building their personality and thoughtfulness with the principals of Islam that will guide them towards a progressive path, maintaining righteousness, truthfulness, peacefulness, forbearance and coherence   in personal and public life.
  • The students of this department will have opportunities to take part in different Kinds of quizzes, stories, workshops and events that will focus on their overall development.
  • As Imam Ali Al-Murtada (R.A.) remarkably stated: “Even if you are a leader, you are just a servant of God”, there is great importance to being and feeling like a humble servant of God while assuming the position of a leader, because it involves a high degree of self-awareness and self-acceptance. Once you accept this, your main task will be to continue to grow as a person and become better person every day.
  • This Department will also educate the common Muslims about spiritual personality skills such as how to deal with stress, and how to control anger, desires, and other moral ills, and how to manage their time effectively, and be well-organized in their life affairs. These factors constitute a well-rounded approach towards personal growth through Islamic exhortations.