Department of Women Education


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Department of Women Education

  • This department is basically aimed at clarifying the true Islamic perspectives on women empowerment including women's educational, social, economic and political rights and other contemporary issues like feminism, women mysticism, gender equality, women and modernity.
  • It provides proper theological training to women in Classical Islamic Sciences as well as in modern Islamic studies with a scientific understanding of Islam.
  • It aims to enable women to understand their rights as enshrined in the holy Qur’an and Sunnah and their relevance in the modern society.
  • It strives to make women capable of tackling the contemporary challenges in a democratic society with the updated skills and awareness about their rich religious tradition, cultural heritage and constitutional rights.
  • It brings out the best of role models from among the woman scholars and saints of Islam—from the Prophetic era to the modern Islamic history—in order to showcase how they contributed to the nourishment of their societies.
  • It aspires to create thoughtful leaders from among women by exposing them to new ideas and modern concepts revolving around Islam and gender discourses through workshops organized by the MLRC.