Why Online Learning?

Why Online Learning?

Online Learning today is a blessing, especially during this Pandemic. Keeping in view the dire need for ethical training [Tarbiyat] and Islamic education [Taleem] of our children and youth - which is largely missing from the mainstream online education system - the MLRC opens its online platforms for teaching and training the kids, teenagers as well as youths right from basics to higher studies in Islamic sciences from the comfort of their home.

MLRC introduces parents to a better replacement for the use of electronic devices for children spending time online, watching television or playing games. The best part of the MLRC Online Courses is that children can connect to the Internet in a noble way.


How does it work at MLRC?

With an interactive, engaging and stimulating pedagogy of the MLRC, your kids will love to do their online learning! You will see an incredible change in their attitude and behavior in terms of Akhlaq [ethics] and Adab [morality].

The MLRC Courses are designed to instill in the life of children the noble characters from the Qur’an, Sirah and Prophetic Traditions. We don’t seek to simply teach the Qur’an, by way of rote learning, but to imbibe its teachings in our students in a meaningful way bringing keen interest and excitement!